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Captives - My Eyes Are Open - Digital Download

This is a PRE-ORDER. The street date is Nov. 13th, but if you pre-order it you will get it 1 week early.

Eagle Mountain, UT is pretty much where you would consider the middle of nowhere being. With literally no alternative music scene anywhere nearby, Captives decided to make the bold move and create music with a raw and deeply emotional sound hoping to become the spark that would ignite their city with the music that they grew up listening to.

Drawing inspirations from Brand New, Neutral Milk Hotel, Thrice, and Seahaven the band set out to record their debut EP “My Eyes Are Open.” A post-hardcore/alternative rock album about losing childhood innocence and becoming bitter over it. The album was recorded at Interlace Audio with Stephen Hawkes (American Me, Vanna)

Track list:
1. Forsaken
2. Abandon
3. Ugly
4. Grace

Pressing Information

This release is part of our new digital to vinyl program. All proceeds from the sale of this digital album will go directly to having this release pressed on vinyl. Once we hit our quota we will immediately begin production on the vinyl. Best thing is, if you buy it directly from us we'll send you a discount code for when it is pressed for money off the vinyl version. So if you want to see this release on vinyl, please pick up a copy from us or from iTunes, Amazon, or any other major music distribution service!