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This is Your Life - Before We Fade Away - DIgital Download

This is Your Life has been making waves in the hardcore scene since they first cut their teeth on their Self-titled 7” in 2010. Their aptly named follow up, The Tour EP further cemented their status as an up-and-coming act to keep an eye on. When Before We Fade Away was released later that same year, they quickly became buzzworthly among critics, receiving a five star rating from and announcing it as, “one of the most impressive debuts of the year”.

But the praise wasn’t just pouring in from snobby critics, the fans thought it was just as fantastic. The album has an aggregated score of 3.9 (Excellent) on Sputnik Music and even hit #10 in Punknews‘ “Your Favorite Records from September” feature.

Before We Fade Away has been received so well because it hits that sweet spot right between punk and hardcore. That very same line that bands like Kid Dynamite, Comeback Kid, and Modern Life Is War proudly tread. Energy, emotion, and aggression runs deep on this record. A theme that is only magnified during their live sets. Having played over 100 shows and sharing the stage with such acts as: Tigers Jaw, A Wilhelm Scream, Caleb Lionheart, and Hold Tight! the boys in This is Your Life are well vetted road warriors.

Track list:
1. Before We Fade Away...
2. Arrivals and Departures
3. Anchor
4. Purgatory
5. Blackout Curtains
6. The Wall
7. 2905
8. High Tide
9. Distractions
10. Songs of Experience
11. Real Talk
12. ...Into a Golden Age